Halloween Vegan Treats


The celebration of trick or treat for kids and costume drinking parties for adults is right around the corner. Up until now, I really haven’t thought about the treats we hand out to the kiddos each year. I know those kids really don’t need the extra sugar filled treats but why not let them have some fun once in a while? Well it turns out most kids in America are over indulging on sugar laden foods even without the holidays! With that being said, I still think there should be some times to enjoy some treats, but it can be done in a way that doesn’t exploit those poor factory farmed animals!

Here are some ideas from The Vegan Woman. Yes I know what you are thinking…..kids are going to look at you funny when you try handing out non plastic wrapped candy bars but so what. If they taste good and might be slightly healthier, all the while not harming a single animal, than both parties win!

If you absolutely don’t want to take the time to make some scary looking treats than here is a complete guide by Veg News of all the store bought candies that are vegan approved. Or this list provided by PETA.

If your not going to but rather hosting a party, here are some tips to keep things koshier, as well as this delicious looking haunted halloween cake recipe provided by Chef Chloe.

Where ever your creepy costumes take you this year, make sure you have fun, be safe, and choose treats that will make you and the animals smile!

Post some of your treats you will be making below!



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