Compendium of Vegan Links

I intend for this to be a relatively comprehensive page for internet links to all things Vegan. Please help by providing input to any information here you find out of date, no longer a website, or simply not listed and I will get it added! This will take me awhile to build and I will be adding new sites as I come across them, so please check back often! (A big shout-out to Vegan Iowa as much of the local restaurants were already found by her site and just regurgitated here!)

 Iowa Vegan (or vegan friendly) Restaurants

Des Moines


New World Cafe

Vegan Friendly

A Dong

Aparre Steakhouse

Bandit Burrito


Cool Basil

Cosi Cucina Italian Grill

Dos Rios

Fong’s Pizza

Fresh Cafe

Gusto’s Pizza

LT Organic Farms

Myabi 9

Namaste India

Natural Thirst Cafe

P.F. Chang’s

Ritual Cafe


Tally’s in Beaverdale

Tai Flavors

Panera Bread


Noodles & Co


Jason’s Deli

Cyd’s Catering

Vegan Groups in Iowa

The Des Moines Raw Food Meetup Group

Vegan Pet Food

Vegan Cat Food

Evolution Diet (Dog/cats)

Wysong Dog/Cat

Natural Balance Pet Foods



PetGuard Canned Dog Food

Vegan Cosmetics/Hygiene

Vegan Clothing

Vegan Food Blog

Vegan Online Food Services

Plant Based Dietician blogs

Vegan Athletes

Vegan Doctors

Vegan Books

Vegan Magazines









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